Without question, Point Equity’s greatest assets are its people. We are beyond fortunate to have a wonderful host of characters that make every day memorable, and more importantly, fun. On this blog, we’re turning the reins over to our do-all, Dan Kleinfelder.

Dan is our systems and data analysis guru, and his unofficial title is “office duct tape”. He’s known to keep a few things strapped together in emergencies. Dan is a proud father, husband, night-time grad student, Rocklin home owner, and as you’re about to find out, one heck of a raft hood-ornament.

Here’s a recounting of our American River rafting adventure in Dan’s words . . .

With grad school looming and the summer heat not yet abated, I needed one last cool adventure to wrap up the summer. Fortunately, Coloma is essentially the whitewater capital of the country, and less than an hour from my house in Rocklin! And, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know this year’s massive Sierra snowpack means the rivers are still flowing strong. With father and friends in tow, we set out for an epic day on the river (because really, when aren’t days on the river epic?)

Point Equity's greatest assets are our people.

There are over 25 commercial outfits that operate on the South Fork of the American River. We were well taken care of by Sierra Whitewater operating out of Auburn, CA.

The river is divided into two sections both class III+, the upper Chili Bar run that is typically run in the mornings and the lower Gorge section that flows into Folsom Lake. Mr. “duct tape” is bottom left. It didn’t take too long before we were in the thick of it

On the three most notable rapids of the river, Troublemaker on the upper section and Satan’s Cesspool/Hospital Bar on the lower, Hot Shot Images sets up and takes phenomenal images that can be purchased directly off their website. Images courtesy of Hot Shot Images.

And literally up to our ears in water

Guides are taught to cater to their client’s appetite. For younger or more timid crowds, guides will pick softer lines, and for the more raucous types, guides will lead you into the dragon’s throat.

To top it off, our awesome guide JD thought we needed a “hood ornament” for out raft, and who am I to disagree with a pro?

Some commercial outfits are up over a 150% on sales in comparison to 2016. The huge snow-pack has made 2017 one of the best rafting years on record for the South Fork American. We flowed the river at 1600 CFS. In the Spring the river can have 5 times as much water.

And into the abyss we went . .

Point Equity American River

I have yet to ever be disappointed with a day spent rafting. With all the chores and responsibility of the everyday routine it’s easy to forget this outdoor gem sits right here in our backyard and can be completed in a half day. Just another incredible experience in our area and why I love where I live.

A huge thank you to the rafting company Sierra Whitewater, our guide JD, and the photo company Hotshot Imaging.